14 years old

Pete was rescued from Vet Pets after being abandoned by his owner as a kitten for 6 months. Dr. Schoknecht took him home to become part of her family, but he was unhappy. When Arlington Animal Clinic opened, he was brought in as the original clinic cat and greeter. Pete loves his new home at the clinic lounging on the counter begging for attention. He enjoys spending his lazy days sunning in the windows and bird watching.


15 years old

Abandoned by Dr. Schoknecht's roommate, Moo became a long term member of Dr. Schoknecht's household. When he couldn't get along with her other male cats, he was brought to the clinic where he was reunited with Pete! Moo is the original shoulder cat, he loves being held on your left shoulder. He waits everyday for his favorite delivery man, Tom.

Millicent aka Millie

6 years old

Found by Cindy one rainy morning on a golf course, Millie found a home at Arlington Animal Clinic. She spends her days hiding in cages, drinking water from the tub or keeping the boys in line.

Ludwig aka Black Cat

6 years old

Surrendered by some Arlington teenagers, Black Cat came with a severely infected and damaged shoulder. Dr. Schoknecht and her staff nursed Black Cat back to health after months of care and surgery to repair his shoulder. You can still see his surgery scars today! He is a client favorite, always enjoying being with the patients and clients. His joys in life are treats and raising orphaned kittens.

Tabitha aka Tiny Tabs

1 year old

Tabitha and Daisy Mae are sisters from a litter of 5 who were never adopted and are inseparable. They love to play, eat and sleep together. Tabitha loves soft crinkle balls and stuffed mice!